Hack attempts

In the last 48 hours, there have been concerted hack attempts against my online presence. This also includes my critical accounts.

At this time, I am forced to open this as a criminal case, and take on a lawyer.

UPDATE: They got into my LinkedIn account. I have changed my account, so that I can protect my ID.

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Moving People into PO positions

Challenge: One of the big challenges of getting a PO to adapt to their job position is to remind them that they have to let their old job position go.

We have some really talented staff members who are now POs. They are passionate about building the best product for the needs of the clients, but… there is always a but… they just cannot seem to throw the switch to go from their old job to this new one. They want the new one, but don’t want to let go of the old one.

Solution: Use a burn down of transition. That is, how many hours per week are they spending on non-PO work, and make sure that they are moving in the right direction of reducing those hours every sprint. No slipping.

If they cannot seem to progress in the right direction, or they are progressing too slowly, maybe they are not the right fit to be your organization’s new PO.
Remind them that PO work is hard and time consuming. Failure to support the team is failure to build a product, and support the company.

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Bootlicking of government’s enforcers, and fear of the media generated boogyman is appalling.

The ever growing number of laws is what creates the ever growing number of non-victimizing criminals. When people who are causing no problems for others, and are keeping their vices to themselves, are raided and arrested, they are now branded with criminal, and ostracized by the masses.

Ending the drug war allows people who are harming no one but themselves to resume normal lives with their own vice.

Ending over bearing licensing ends government enforced monopolies, which allow more competitive market. Also allowing real quality control, which is created by allowing bad business to go out of business.

Getting rid of the mental monopoly on ideas, called copyrights and patents allows the lowest cost producer to provide the best product for the best price.
Ending government licensing monopolies and licensing doesn’t end contracts, but makes good private contracts more important, without causing artificial wall of entry for competition.

Ending the monopoly on currency forces all who issue currency to do so with a tight control of the amounts being issued. Too much inflation of cheep currency and its value drops significantly compared to its competition.
Removing the federally backed institution of banking, and restoring real banking will restore the value of currency, while creating competition to cause the bank to act responsibly. The post 1913 bank RUNS, and I do mean plural, were all exasperated by the influence of the government and a centralized bank system.

As far as government is concerned we are all criminals already. They just haven’t come up with a reason to put us all into cages yet. Even the Chief of police in LA City was caught saying that everyone is a criminal, all his officers have to do is find a reason to arrest them.

The criminals ARE government. The people are abused victims, and just like a serial victimized wife, as a society we clutch to our victimizer, government, and claim that we can’t live without them.

If any man calls himself a Christian, I am appalled by that thought, when it is clear in 1 Samuel 8, we are not to have kings (high leaders), in context of Romans 12, 13 explains that our leadership it the body of Christ, as in those who minister Christ to the Kingdom of God. Even Jesus, and later Paul stood against government, but yet we are to suckle to the tits of those who plunder us? We are to be servants and slaves to those who beat us for pleasuring ourselves without harming others?

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I.N.V.E.S.T. a story about listening to people experienced in Agile development

I think everyone in the development group has heard our engineering manager go on about the Agile term INVEST.

  • Independent (of all others)
  • Negotiable (not a specific contract for features)
  • Valuable (or vertical)
  • Estimable (to a good approximation)
  • Small (so as to fit within an iteration)
  • Testable (in principle, even if there isn’t a test for it yet)

But the question is HOW do you practice INVEST, when so much is interdependent? Best guess, and engineering input.

Every story worked on in a sprint should have no dependency to any other story in a sprint. That is, if you have a story with dependencies, those dependencies should be on another sprint before the story you are working on.

Negotiable is to prevent both engineers and product owners from asking for the gold plate, when a plastic plate will suffice. But it also is there to allow for the prevention of technical deficit. (Scale and scope will be covered below.) The KEY to negotiable is that the backlog grooming is WITH the TEAM. That means that engineering participates in the grooming process. This isn’t just the product owners and scrum masters

One of the suggestions, from CST Scott Dunn, is that the morning stand ups are only 15 mins, but an hour is carved out, so that any discussion that needs to run on after the stand up can immediately pick up. If there are no follow up discussions, then fill that 45 min time frame with a little grooming with the team. This way you don’t have massive negotiation and grooming jammed into one day, and you don’t have an unwieldy kickoff day.

Valuable is that there MUST be value in the feature being completed, and the value can be demonstrated. If there is no value, then it is a failed story. This is why stories are considered cake and not pie. A story should cover all of the needed layers, and not just UI, or DB, or middleware. All layers that are needed to add value should be part of the story.

Estimable means that the story is tangible. It has definite beginning and end. The success criteria are known. It can be designed, developed, and tested, all with effort.

Small, also scaled, means that the story is minimal viable. Again, we don’t want to churn out gold plated chairs, when all we need to a stool to sit on.

Testable is that the story should be validatable within the same sprint as the development. If we have our test patterns setup correctly, we should be able to run automated regression at build. The question becomes, what does the team consider “released”? Is released when the PO approves the work, but the UAT is not finished, or is released when all testing, including UAT is signed off? 99% complete isn’t complete. If the engineering team can only code to75% of the two week window, then have to leave room for testing, what does the engineering team do for the remaining time? They address dropped balls in the sprint.

Dropped balls includes assisting in testing, and addressing technical debt. Most technical debt addressed in this time is the testing debt of building out more unit tests. Getting caught up in the automation.

In summary, our engineering manager was right, but engineering teams needs to start running miles with this plan, and not just give it a nod.

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What makes libertarians great is what causes them to suck.

Every libertarian who becomes popular, hence grab the public eyes, goes under scrutiny that the media should be envious of.

Suddenly a person who helped a bunch of people wake up to the values of liberty, through their antics and adventures, is a buffoon to those viewers once they get the message and run with it.

A minor quibble with a few people suddenly becomes a serial event when viewed under the scope of the masses. None of those arm chair critics can tell me that you do not have your repeating gaffs and failures. You are still human.

“But mah munniez!”, stop doing business, or adhere to a better contract next time. I love my driven friends. I won’t work for my driven friends. I work for business people who are motivated. However my driven friends are the ones who I help to get their message out. I just wont work for them because I am old enough to know that will tax our friendship. I do not like to have to scrutinize the value to friendship over some risk investment of a job or contract.

But its not all bad. These are the same people who have recognized that the source of most of the large scale villainy is government. They realized that war, which some of our best politicians have warned us, is an industry, and a racket. We have been warned that Social Security is a ponzi scheme, and these libertarians have built both models and arguments that have proved it.

Some of the other issues discovered have been: Taxation is theft. Licensing is a monopoly racket. Asset forfeiture is government theft in violation of the 4th amendment. War on poverty, and the war on drugs, are wars on people. No victim no crime. Voting is Mob Rule. Money exchange lobbying is bribery. And many many more items than I feel like listing.

I hope people, and not just libertarians, can find a way to just suck less in the future.

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What is going on with Crypto?

Re-pub from my Steemit account.

The 4 primes are HODL, in my not so meek opinion.

Their bounce is from investors trying to figure out how to flip coins on a slow network. The Plus side, the prices have stayed low-ish due to transaction times taking long. So the window of opportunity to buy is still good. Though I am in a 50/50 on buying BCH and BTC, since they are playing on each other, and BCH is slowly gaining. ETH is still a wildcard to me, because the commodity market adoption in the largest markets is still muted. Once they take off in the US their prices will jump.

The big suppressor is the constant promise of congress to interfere with the freemarket that the cryptos have established.

If their is any REAL threat, I will convert to gold, and hide it.

Don't run people's lives

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I am still under the curse of FB addiction

For a brief moment, which turned out to be 2 hours, I hit FB to clear my messages. After 2 hour I realized that I had started to fall back into my negative pattern.

The whole celebration of being without FB is that FB was feeding the wrong emotional beast in me.

By now you have heard about the Native American Indian story about the two wolves. One that cares for its pack, and provides loving protection and warmth for them. The other which is scary, wanders alone, nips at heals, and picks fights with all of the other pack members.

The lean an gaunt wolf has the weakest impact on the pack’s life. The well fed and strong wolf becomes the alpha, and the whole pack follows. So which wolf do you feed?

That is the nature of FB to me. Almost every time I sign into FB I feed the wrong wolf. How about you? Which wolf do you feed? Mostly, I suspect that the wrong wolf is being fed.

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