Dear ordained clergy,

Dear ordained clergy,

Stop vilifying things. You are only pushing people away from Christ.

You are as bad as the preachers who go on their tie raid about alcohol to alcoholics, or sin to sinners.

People are not going to your church because they are perfect. They go because they are looking for help, or for more in their life.

“I came to give them live”, Jesus didn’t come to give us more judgement, but forgiveness, life, inheritance in Christ in the Kingdom of God.

How is pointing out darkness and more darkness providing light? Give the people light, and let the light dispel darkness. If you have a muddy plate, you don’t take mud and rub it on the plate, and declare it cleaner! You take water and wash the plate clean.

You are acting as cisterns, broken cisterns, that hold no water. You MUST start bringing the people over to the fountain of living water, that they may be washed clean, have their thirst quenched, and grow in the Lord.

A plant cannot grow in darkness, when it was designed to grow in the light, no matter how much darkness you expose it to. A person living in darkness, wearing worn out cloths, cannot see light if you keep their eyes on their darkness, and keep them cold in old worn out cloths.

Get out of the way of the light, and show them the light of Adonai. Show them that the blood of Yeshua has washed them clean of their sins. Let them put down the worn out clothing of natural man, and put on the brand new spiritual clothing of Holy Spirit.

I give you this letter in loving repose,

God bless,
Minister Brian Webb

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God (Adonai), in an interview

The below is a parody, not for humor, but for sober thought against times where the high priests of atheism are still spouting their nonsense against Adonai.

God (Adonai), in an interview. “How harsh am I to the tribe of Israel? Are you kidding? I gave them written wisdom, direct guidance, wise men, seers, prophets, and judges, and they could not keep the simplest commandment of Do not worship other gods before me. How harsh is that?

Oh, sure plagues hit them, and I accepted credit, but it was because I am the fiery hedge of protection. I am the great authority over all of creation. All the angels are at my call, even those who chose to try to defy me. I drew the circle that I asked them to stay in and said that if you trespass into lands beyond what I have declared for you, then you leave my protection. Of course, this is a metaphor, If I say you may so anything as long as you accept me as the one and only true God then you are fulfilling the promise.

The problem is that they did not believe that the adversary is out to devour them. The false gods are nothing more than devils and demons. When you leave my protection, you enter the mouth of the enemy.

Even then, I am quick to forgive the one who repents of their sins. So I establish Israel, and see to it that their tribe grows greatly, and they defy me, and give my glory to dirt that is golden in color. So I give my blessing to their heirs, and they too, after seeing my great power, seek after idols and false gods, giving my glory to them. So I withhold my protection again. This is my great wrath, in that I will allow my enemy to devour those who have chosen to run into the mouth of my enemy.

Finally, when the disobedient have become so ugly to me, so the point that I know that they would be lost to me, I sent my son, who volunteered to redeem them to me, when I asked. How beloved is my son, who gave himself at the cross, so that he would prove his obedience to the point of resurrecting three days and nights later.

Look at this like a gardener, or a farmer. When your seed is clean, and unadulterated, you keep it clean by removing all of the bad seed. This provides future crops with more seed. But Israel is no longer a pure bloodline. This has become a strength, in that it prepared the way for the tribe of Israel to spread out to the corners of the world.

My son, of the protected bloodline of David, the root of Jesse, is the first seed of a new harvest. Unlike the old harvest, which was of flesh, and law, the new harvest is of grace, and holy spirit. Jesus (Yeshua) is the first, because all must come to me through the alpha, and will be harvested at the omega.

This is my new Kingdom, the people who are mine for an inheritance, and I am theirs as their father in the true birth and in their inheritance. They are the heirs to my kingdom and my throne.

Am I harsh, I am harsh to dirt. I am harsh to those who are perishing. I am harsh to those who stand against me. No man that is without me is greater than dirt. Yes I am harsh, because I don’t want dirt, I want children who have learned their power and authority over this dirt, and know that this come from me. I give it to them lovingly, knowing that they cannot abuse it, because they cannot use my right hand outside of the nature of my right hand. They cannot use my power outside of my nature. To claim you can use my power for something that I am not means that you are demonstrating power that I am not. You are being deceived by the advisory.

Am I harsh? You betcha! I want the best for my children, and I want them to know the best, so I am going to be consistent and loving to them, yet firm in my boundaries, and fast with my loving grace. Beware, and be ready, for those who claim me may not be of me, but I will always claim those who are of me, and they are mine, and I am jealous over them.

So yea, I am harsh, for I am.”

Atheist interviewer sits there, mouth open, and utters “Sorry…”

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Its for the children…

Its for the children…

  • So why are you making them defenseless until 21?
  • Why are you sending them to war at 18?
  • Putting them behind the wheel of 1000s of lbs of metal, glass, and plastic when they drive?
  • Putting them $100,000 in debt before they are even born?
  • Having wars that are so long that the children of soldiers are now fighting in the
  • same war as their parent?
  • Killing them in the womb?

This isn’t about the children, because your contradictions are…

  • Too young to defend themselves with a gun, or keep score in a game, but young enough to decide their gender before they even know what they are getting into.
  • Too young to make a mature decision about drinking and smoking, but not too mature to get shot for big oil.
  • Too young to make their own education decisions, but not too young to abort a life.
  • Too young to work, but not too young to choose to have their own body butchered.
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Source of freedom

They day that you claim that a piece of paper or a person of such background have you your rights, then they were never yours to begin with.

Your rights begin by realizing that they are imparted by the nature of your creation.

To beg for them is to acknowledge that they were not yours to begin with.

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Setting up my VSTS build environment

This is a summary of nightmares and preferences. This is a C# ASP.NET MVC Core project.

  1. Do not assume that because it builds locally, it will build and deploy from the VSTS services.
    1. The items below are breakdowns of the issues.
  2. Do not assume that the file path selector in the VSTS configuration tool knows how to work correctly.
    1. When I had to pick the path to my package.json file, the selector allows me to actually pick the file, which then gets added to the path. This results in VSTS to look for the file under [my project name]/package.js/package.js. How stupid is that.
  3. Do not assume that VSTS will use the right version of NuGet.
    1. I don’t know what version the build is defaulting to, but I had to add a task to install 4.5.1 to get the build to work.
  4. Do not assume that VSTS will use the right version of NodeJs
    1. I had to specify download of Node 6.x or later to get Gulp to work.
  5. Do not assume that VSTS will know how to execute your gulp script.
    1. I had to specify the task names, because it defaults to ‘default’ if you don’t specify one.
  6. Do not assume that your 3rd party developer is doing their job right.
    1. I found several 3rd party nuget packages claimed to be core, but yet had strong dependency on framework
    2. I ended up creating another root solution folder called DependancyLibraries. These projects are the source code of the 3rd party projects that caused build issues. So I force the build to be compatible with what I need. I then go to my deploy project and just point to these dependencies to pull from rather than from NuGet.

I am not looking forward to converting this project over to using WebPack. I am terrified as to what new issues I am going to run across.

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.JS is the new IL

I don’t really know many people who write directly into a js file. I see them using some middleware to convert (“compile”) to js.

Here is a pretty exhaustive list of converters.

The thing to take from this, is just like C#, VB.NET, and Java, have their ILs, now because JS is treated like an IL, we now have a new classification of portable languages, such as C++, while keeping our traditional languages, like Java and C#.


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Fear over freedom

The fear of living without a slave master is shocking to me. It seems like people think that everyone will devolve to monsters without the holiness of government.

The concept of voluntary exchange, cooperation, private business, and mutual defense, just seems lost to people.

Even during the Rodney King riots, there were store owners who had customers assisting in the defense of the stores. Or even the BLM riots in Baltimore, there were several stores defended by voluntary guards.

It is the quiet rebellions and riots, like OWS that created lawlessness, end even then, people experiencing “socialist movement” discovered how much they needed money, and collaboration with others.

What ended OWS was people running out of free stuff. People had to go back home, school, or work, so that they could eat, remain clothed, etc.

No riot is indefinite, just as no totalitarian state is indefinite. Without voluntary collaboration, all movements fail, except bowel movements.

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