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This is all about observations. Here I promote Liberty, Christianity, Sanity, and discuss issues that should not be ignored.

I will promote some ideas, while slamming others. Don’t get this wrong, there is not an equality of ideas here, no democracy. I will listen to any well discussed idea, but it doesn’t mean I am going to promote it or accept it.

Hack attempts

In the last 48 hours, there have been concerted hack attempts against my online presence. This also includes my critical accounts. At this time, I am forced to open this as a criminal case, and take on a lawyer. UPDATE: … Continue reading

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Bootlicking of government’s enforcers, and fear of the media generated boogyman is appalling.

The ever growing number of laws is what creates the ever growing number of non-victimizing criminals. When people who are causing no problems for others, and are keeping their vices to themselves, are raided and arrested, they are now branded … Continue reading

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What makes libertarians great is what causes them to suck.

Every libertarian who becomes popular, hence grab the public eyes, goes under scrutiny that the media should be envious of. Suddenly a person who helped a bunch of people wake up to the values of liberty, through their antics and … Continue reading

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What is going on with Crypto?

Re-pub from my Steemit account. The 4 primes are HODL, in my not so meek opinion. Their bounce is from investors trying to figure out how to flip coins on a slow network. The Plus side, the prices have stayed … Continue reading

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I am still under the curse of FB addiction

For a brief moment, which turned out to be 2 hours, I hit FB to clear my messages. After 2 hour I realized that I had started to fall back into my negative pattern. The whole celebration of being without … Continue reading

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Went back to FB and realized that it was a mistake.

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A letter to my lesser self for 2018

A message to O Man. I see you O man, sitting there beaming with your own delight over that which you had nothing to do with. What you may ask could I be talking about? You were with an affliction, … Continue reading

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