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This is all about observations. Here I promote Liberty, Christianity, Sanity, and discuss issues that should not be ignored.

I will promote some ideas, while slamming others. Don’t get this wrong, there is not an equality of ideas here, no democracy. I will listen to any well discussed idea, but it doesn’t mean I am going to promote it or accept it.

Government is a bad idea.

Government is a bad idea. Ask where government is and you are pointed to a building. Is a building government, no its the people. Find a person and ask them if they are government, if they say yes, then find … Continue reading

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There are three tiles of fights: Those that help you grow Those that tear you down Those that should not be fought Wisdom is knowing the difference, and knowing how to deal with each. a wise rabbi

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Know your value, and don’t be a vampire.

Becoming uninspired is a side effect of having one’s life drained out of them. Do not hang around or work for vampires. They are people who think exchanging money of life is equitable, and the one providing life doesn’t know … Continue reading

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Today is another day that Govt proves that they think I am their property

So I am finally doing my taxes, and if I file correctly, I will owe somewhere between $1800 to $10000. And there is a whole chance that I may not owe anything, but will be due $600. Why is this … Continue reading

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What is means to be seeded in Christ.

When you seed a plant, you are committing that seed to the soil, for the purpose of that seed being fruitful. When God seeds His word in us, it is with the intent of it producing fruit after its own … Continue reading

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Do not waste your resources when there is no fruit to your investment.

The opposites of love are fear and unearned greed. Both lead to violence against other people. Either through stealing their stuff, rather than trading for it; or attacking others rather than providing a hand up. No man deserves a hand … Continue reading

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Seeing or Knowing God

There are several publications that have come out that seem to contradict one another, and the biblical scriptures. There are even biblical prints that contradict one another. How do we resolve them? I found that there are some basic principles … Continue reading

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