One week success, one week fail, lets see about this week.

a couple of weeks ago, I committed to 4 posts a week. Four topics, one a week. I didn’t succeed. Time to try it again.

Also, I have a long-running goal to lose 100 lbs… I gained 10 lbs over the weekend.

I pretty much run my weeks as Monday to Monday. So today is my reboot, to get back on track.

Don’t stop because you failed, try again, and learn from your failure. If you don’t get back up, and fight against that which stops you, then you have truly failed.

People say that doing the same thing again and again, and failing the same way is evidence of insanity. I say that applying that expression to everything would end the careers of all athletes, welders, artists, and other do-ers. Sometimes you need to fail a great multitude of times to build muscle memory, and see the failures before they happen.

Don’t worry about your ego, it wants to generally quit, and will any excuse to do so. Rather, listen to your goals, and see the most effective path to those goals.

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