General wisdom

  • Being an idiot is easy, having the humility to recognize it is a blessing.
  • Being loud does not mean you are right. A strong argument is still not proof of being right. However, demonstrations, and historical evidence is proof that helps determine being right.
  • The hardest thing for a man to do is to admit his weakness and pain. The hardest thing for a woman to do is to see that she is causing most of his and her pains.
  • Segregation and separation is the natural reaction to those who don’t share themselves in loving regard.
  • Communism exists to fail when it is based on the needs of many. However, it thrives when it is based on the abundance of all.
  • ABG – always be giving. It doesn’t have to be money. Time, compassion, strength, love, wisdom, and knowledge are all in short supply to those who need them.
  • ABG (2nd definition) – always be growing. Seek to grow in wisdom, compassion, knowledge, strength, and love, that you have an abundance to those that need.
  • Do not fear profit. Capitalism is not the problem, it is a measure of success to those filling a need.
  • Cronyism is not capitalism, even when the word capitalism is added to it. Cronyism is when those in authority wield laws and authority like a sword, striking down their competition by strike of a pen.
  • The actions of the US have proven that the money in the bank is not yours. If you are not holding cash, gold, silver, BTC in an offline wallet, etc, then it isn’t yours.

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