Why democracies fail

Look at how long monarchs last compared to democracies.

The average person is not smart enough to know enough about everything to justly rule over their neighbor. But yet, we give them the right to vote over their neighbor.

What is worst, without hiring private investigators, these same people will vote for rulers that will sit over you and your neighbor.

Worse than that, the person you just voted for is your neighbor, good, bad, indifferent, you just voted for someone that some other people don’t want rolling over them. I’m not talking about evil people, just people with differing opinions.

That isn’t the worst part. But the more power is consolidated, the easier it is for bad players to bribe a few people to impact the many. Most new regulation laws are written for a few goals, which are mostly not written.

  1. Raise the costs of doing business by selling safety to the customer, through licensing. With all of the food recalls, and auto recalls, this is a fail for the customer, but a win for the business.
  2. Issue marketable warm and fuzzy deceptions to customers, through certificates that can be bought through bribes, and “hiring” the right consultant to help satisfy your certificate.
  3. Obscure what these tests, licensing, and certificates are actually providing. How many of them are just to keep a government employee employed?

The next time you go vote, remember that the person you are voting for is probably going to remove more of your liberties, by bribing you with free stuff, which isn’t free, but is paid for by the funds that are plundered from your income.

The next time you vote on a bill, who is going to benefit by it, because it isn’t you. And which major corporation is backing it, because running their competition out of business is much cheaper that providing a better product product or building a better marketing plan.

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