Did you hear that loud cracking sound?

That was my heart breaking. We had finished dinner, and I didn’t want to call it an evening. So I showed my friends through town, as the places, I grew up. And discussed the changes that had happened.

The longer I went, the more I saw loss, and missed time. The more my heart was breaking.

I know that sound of regret. It is an evil sound. So man should live with regret because it is a sin and a sign of a life not fully lived. It is a reflection of one’s mistakes over one’s victories. Learn from your mistakes, don’t live in them.

By the time I was home, I was bawling my eyes out in a dry man’s sorrow. I haven’t drank in decades, who two exceptions, and I wasn’t going to make a third.

Now I ask myself, am I full of sorry from what I am going through today, what opportunities I blew off yesterday, or am I just lonely, and shackled with the sins and sorrows of another, who I am taking care of, that is also shackled and trapped by her regrets and pride?

I think by morning, my eyes will be washed clean by the tears of regret, and my pillow encrusted by the salt of those very same tears.

Do not put off til tomorrow what you know you should do now.

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