Burning money on the wrong things

This is for those who are burning money but because of a situation, they cannot help it.

Mom is about to be admitted to a nursing home, but until I can get her in, she is in her home. So when her heater failed, it was a $2000 expense that I would have rather not spent. 😑

Once this is over with, I’ll be more in the net hole.

On another note: These f**king Medicare predators are driving me insane. Most are from India, and I am quite sure that they are all from the same office, just mom’s number is getting shuffled around from desk to desk. This will resolve once mom is in a home, and I cancel her service.

This is one of those moments where the fleeting thought runs through my mind, if I were the king of this world, I would declare that the whole nation is a criminal nation, and give them the opportunity to shut down these scammers, or be bombed into the prehistoric age. I would consider it proper punishment that if the person did this once, they lose their right hand, more than once, both hands, more than 3 times, their tongue. Also, the whole community, which you know is in on this, would be required to pay back plus 20% of what was scammed.

The thought is fleeting because a nation should not go to war with another nation except in self-defense. Let the issue really be handled by bounty hunters and law enforcement.

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