What are the iconic differences between libertarians and conservatives

  1. Cannabis:
    1. Libertarians – None of your business;
    2. Conservatives – Lock it down, criminalize the plant that God gave us.
  2. War:
    1. Libertarians – Privatize the war machine, and let individuals decide their fights, if they, or their friends were aggressed against;
    2. Concervatives – Mixed, but all based on a government plunder funded national military that never has an excuse to avoid war.
  3. Life:
    1. Libertarians – Mixed, but mostly stop killing except in self defense.
    2. Conservatives – Killing babies bad, killing adults good.
  4. Property:
    1. Libertarians – It’s your property, do with it as you please.
    2. Conservatives – You own your property until we tax it, which means you are renting. Also you are restricted what you can do with your property, because we just don’t trust you with your property.
  5. Money:
    1. Libertarians – Government shouldn’t issue money as they have been proven to not be trustworthy. Taxation is plunder. Government should be required to contract with individuals to provide services.
    2. Conservatives – Complain about government taxes, raises taxes. Complain about fiat currency and inflation, votes for more fiat currency, increasing inflation.

If you think that “Conservatives don’t do that.” or “I’m a conservative, and I don’t do that.”, then you may be in that wonderful breed of a person called liberation-conservative. I’m there right at you. And our big challenge is that we are generally pro-life, and Christian.

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