Aspergers vs Autism

This is not a scientific paper, just some notes from my readings. Go see a developmental physician if you think you or a loved one should find out if they are on one of these spectrums.

I’m writing this out of my own interests. I have parishioners and co-workers who are on these ADS(Autism Developmental Syndrome) scales.

Difficulty processing, understanding, or producing verbal or nonverbal communicationDifficulty identifying verbal and nonverbal communication and cues, like eye contact or sarcasm
Difficulty processing or interacting in neurotypical social contextsHaving few or no long-term relationships with peers
Lack of interest in partaking in the activities or interests of others
Showing little or no response to social or emotional experiences
Deep, sustaining interest in certain subjectsSustained interest in a single topic or very few topics
Repetitive movements or behaviorsRepetitive behaviors or movements
Strong desire to maintain routine or establishing orderStrict adherence to routine or ritual behaviors
Differences in processing sensory experiences (like touch or sound)Intense interest in specific aspects of objects
No delay in language learning or cognitive development
Differences in learning styles and problem-solving approaches (easy mastery of one subject, but difficulty engaging in conversational turn-taking or mastering physical tasks)Experiencing difficulty in maintaining jobs, relationships, or other aspects of social life as a result of these behaviors
Common to have stuttering issues.
Not uncommon to have dyslexia. (No direct link)Not uncommon to have dyslexia. However, most people who have dyslexia have Asperger’s.

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