Day 2 of Fast 3

No hunger challenges, though I keep having challenges to habitual eating. That is frustrating.

The worst thing in the last two days is my reflexive reach to go to FaceBook. I stop before typing in the URL, but the reflex is still there. I’m just glad that I’m catching myself before I type the first “F”.

As for my habitual eating, I’m not even hungry, yet I almost go into a panic when I keep denying myself junk food, or quick food. I mean, I have dried apricots in the house, but I refuse to open them and just about go into a panic that I’m being denied (by myself) the ability to eat them.

I don’t have a multiple personality disorder, but what I have is an uncontrolled habit, which is going to be crushed and kicked out of my head. It’s funny that this is the same panic that I have seen smokers and alcoholics go through. I avoided it because I was already using food as my backup addiction.

Well, today is another day, and it is starting off as a great day. I expect it to be better as the day goes on.

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