Day 1 after the 2nd fast.

Technically the fast ended last night. I broke the fast when I was in pain, and all of my bad eating habits took over.

One of the top reasons I am fasting is to break gluttony at its neck. Meaning, kill the drive to over-consume. Once I’m no longer hungry, to stop eating. Why do I need to feel stuffed or worst, to get myself to stop?

Part of this I understand. Mom, even in her dementia state, keeps trying to shove leftovers into me. I’m not the leftover bin for the whole family. I’m not the dog waiting for scraps.

For the record, I’m not ignorant of what is going on in Canada with the Honk Honk movement, in Ukraine with the Russia issue, Critical Race Applied Praxis is a thing, or in the USA with the domestic Antivaxx movements. I’ll post some of my short summaries here.

  • “Honk Honk” is not “Heil Hitler” as the media is blatantly lieing to you about. It is a refrence to the propencity that truckers will pull their horns twice in solidarity events. However, Tim Pool has joked about Honk Honk also being used in refrence to Hong Kong solidarity. They may even have a T-Shirt for that. I’m not spending time to verify. Go and listen or watch for yourself. Don’t let the media tell you what is real.
  • The truckers in Canada were peaceful, yet the politicians and mounties treated them like thugs.
  • Now that the Canadian government has destroyed the life of peaceful people twice, stealing their trucks and money, they have decided to drop their “Emergency” actions. Such BS. All they have done is proved that the electorate are slaves to the elected. You live by the will of the state. I suggest those truckers and their families, sell everything, move to one of the free states in the USA, and help us resist the same actions here. We need your backbone in our lives here.
  • Ukraine is not a unified, or utopic country. They have many people who are STRONGLY supportive of Russia, and many people who are STRONGLY against Russia. The country isn’t even ethnically united. It is basically 2 to three countries of people. Two of which asked Russia to assist them. At that point, why would the US get in volved?
  • Also when it comes to the Ukraine, the US info agencies have been proven to be liars, and full of deception. Even the media companies have asked, where is the evidence, when they “declassified” their statement. Also each of the predictions of the US agencies have been proven wrong.
  • Faucci has been proven wrong and a liar everytime he is pulled infront of congress. At this point, Rand Paul has provided enough evidence that if Dr. Faucci was under serious investigation for treason, he would be at risk of the only punishment for treason, which is execution.
  • Reports are coming out rapidly that the Vaxx is causing Myocarditis, a condition of the heart that makes a person suseptable to heart attacks. And it is a lifetime condition. It is starting to leak out that the vaxx causes massive bloodclotting.
  • The people are waking up, 20 years late, the Critical Race Applied Praxis is being applied to their children, and it is worst than that. It is also anti-science promotion of alien ideas to the children, so that they can be groomed into sexually deviated individuals. These children are being bread into non-reproducing, state slaves, who celebrate their enslavement, and defend their insantity. In the racial praxis, they are being flooded with lies about the history of the US, and the population demographics. Basically, public education is nothing more than a very dangerous misinformation brainwashing camp.

Now that I have dumped all of that out, I’ll state that I hate talking politics. I stand for self-responsibility, which is why I’m fasting to get my mind and health back under control. I believe in having only one master, that is Yeshua HaMassiach, aka Jesus that Messiah. Ukraine is not the hill to die on when it comes to USA involvement, so don’t get involved except to help negotiate peace. Until the grandson of communism is voted out of parliament and publicly shamed for his actions, Canadians should just stop participating in being enslaved by their government. AKA, expand their protests to a lifestyle of resistance. The state will fall. Criminals must be brought to justice, regardless of their political position, or title, in the payroll of the state; otherwise, the state itself is the criminal and should be treated as such.

I promise that I won’t be getting too deep in politics again when I talk about Fasting. This was a horrible mix of mental regurgitation that I have done in a while. I guess it is better to have a brief mental bulimic moment than a physical one.

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