Day 3 of Fast 2

Yesterday was harsh. Full hunger pains. Full distractions regarding my FB reflexes. Full distractions regarding eating habits.

Note that eating habit is not the same as eating because one is hungry. It is common for being hungry to trigger the habit though. Eating habit is reaching for that “go-to” food, or hunting for a fast-food restaurant. Or it is in my case, acting like a ravenous beast looking for anything to eat. Sorry. I’m more evolved than that. So I was getting angry with my impulses and started yelling at them to stop.

I have tons of food, but this whole process is to stop being ruled by food and start ruling over my body. I am completely tired of being morbidly overweight.

So far today, I’m having a great day. Did an audit on some legal documents. Worked on some DB edits. And I’m continuing to lose weight. If my net loss matches last week, I’m going to be excited. If it doesn’t, then I’ll just keep moving forward. I have already lost plenty for this week, I don’t need to match it to last week.

Seize the day, and enjoy.

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