The fast is over, now what?

Well, that is simple, eat less, do more, live better.

I’m now planning on my next fast, and in the meantime, I am limiting myself to one meal a day.

I started something in me. I started a path to success, so I want to capitalize on it. That means continuing the fasting routine, continue writing about my thoughts, and continue caring about other people. Mostly, continue undoing the wrongs I have done in the past. The memory of me must be of a just person, not of an unjust or uncaring person.

What does justice look like? First and foremost, Be forgiving, then let your yes mean yes, and your no mean no. Finally, be straight with people. Be clear on your actions, so you are not an incidental thief. Don’t be an accidental liar. Don’t support evil out of ignorance. Being informed is more important than getting warm and fuzziness, which is a form of self-righteousness.

Think about it. If you are doing something because you think it must be right, but never follow up to see what harm you may have done to those around you, then you may have been doing evil for a fuzzy feeling.

Soak the rich! Do you think the rich have a lot of money just sitting in a vault like Skreug McDuck? No, Wealthy people know that the best way to stay wealthy is to roll your money back into your investments, or into new investments. And they keep their money out of their name, so it doesn’t even show up as capital gain. Capital gain taxes are the penalty tax for the poor. The wealthy stay wealthy by keeping their money out of their hands.

Well, that was a derailment. Back to topic. I’m back to fasting on Monday, and back to focusing on doing right, now. So, for you, I bit you a fair evening that a good slumber. (C. S. Lewis effect from reading his books.) 😊

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