The end of one fast and the beginning of another.

Last night I didn’t handle the icing down of my truck, and walkway well. I was so prepped to head to church and then that happened. So I started to listen to the worst part of my life and ate. I pigged out on Popcorn. You may not think it was that bad, but it was 2 lbs back on after losing 21 lbs. net loss, 19 lbs.

Of course, this weight loss wasn’t the reason for the fast. I was trying to clear up the focus on my mind. And redirect my heart. When you fast, you must feed your heart.

Biblically and historically wise, long-term fasting happened with a goal. That goal should be all-encompassing. Fast to serve others, fast to reflect on God, fast to finish a zechut. In my case, It is too convoluted. I’m trying to get several things done at once.

My many goals: Take care of looming family issues. Clear up many commitments, that include monetary commitments. Break food addictions. See where I still have spiritual leaches in my life that I need to see wither dry up, and die.

The reason I stated dry up and die, rather than remove, is if you remove a leach without killing it, it can come back. You can carry it again. Don’t just remove your leaches, make sure that they don’t come back.

One of my big failures is that I didn’t fill the new voids with more study and reflection on God’s word. That is the missing feeding of one’s heart that I missed. The rock of ages is something that you have to decide to stand on. It doesn’t keep itself under your feet, for you to stay sure-footed, but you have to decide to stand on it. Or in this case Him, Yeshua HaMashiach, or from the Greek name Jesus the Messiah.

Have a great day. God bless.

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