Started fasting yesterday

So my life has gotten complex. When that happens Discipline is the rudder that keeps me from going astray. In this ontop of removing Facebook from my life, getting my mom into a mental health care home, and dealing with a major project upgrade, I’m now fasting. This is day two.

Funny that the first night of fasting I was inundated with insomnia and thoughts of money. A couple of things I don’t need to deal with right now. Isn’t it enough that I’ve got other giant ticket items to deal with?

Really, no sane person would inject eight hours of God-awful punishment and fear into one’s life. This is what the Judeo-Christian scriptures call HaSatan, The Advisory, The Accuser, The Devil.

The best way to deal with accusations from the accuser is to look at what you are being accused with. Gluttony, Greed, Theft, Deception, Immorality, Sexual Immorality, Dishonesty, Not giving to God that which is His, et al.

I know I am guilty of all of that, and more. I know that I am no worst or better than the next person. Any haughtiness that a person holds is nothing more than more sin to hide their sin. One cannot hide their sin behind bigger sin. All sin is worthy of death. There is a reason we all get old and die. Some get sick and die. While there are others that just suddenly die. It is all fruits of sin.

“But I’m not a sinner?” claimed the sinner.

Did you turn to your God, or your own wisdom? God makes foolish the wisdom of men. Did you turn to your understanding, or God’s? God created and knows his creation, there is nothing that he cannot reveal to those who He has determined ready to receive.

“Repent, for the kingdom is near.” Do not wait to enter the kingdom of God. Repent, and return to God. Jesus (Yeshua) is the light and the way. So repent, and start walking according to “The Way”, that you may avoid and be liberated from the same punishment that The Accuser has placed upon me.

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