Why I dropped my Locals.com’s account

Let me start with, I strongly believe in the mission statement of Locals.com. I was on the verge of launching my own channel on there, and life took over, sucking all of the air out from under my wings.

Why was I starting my account at locals.com? I’m a libertarian voice that works in a very left-leaning industry. I work in IT. You have no idea how left-leaning these people tend to be. Fortunately, the company I work at is very independent and promotes people to be human and compassionate, which crosses all political boundaries. This isn’t about who is elected, it is about the personal philosophy that you work by. Or as I put it, work compassionately, live amicably, and don’t be a dick.

So the online program I was planning on running was my discussions about Christianity, Engineering, Economics, and Politics, from a Libertarian engineer.

However, the wind being sucked out from under my wings was caused by personal events, that I have to resolve, and Locals.com pushed me to set up a stripe account. I really don’t like credit card companies. Debt is enslavement. Stay out of debt.

When I’m finally ready to start a show, I’ll announce it here. Until then, I may spin up and tear down stuff intermittently as I experiment with stuff.

Also note, If you are big pipes like me, then get yourself a large-diaphragm microphone. Otherwise, your voice just won’t sound right to you. You have a base voice, make sure people can hear it.

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