Matrix Resurrection


After seeing Matrix Resurrection I’m mixed in my view of the film. Pedestrian acting from everyone except Morpheus/Agent Smith (Yahya Abdule-MateenII), [Agent] Smith (Johnathan Groph), and the Analyst (Neil Patrick Harris), is an understatement.

A lot of Neo’s character flaw was way overacted, but then when we saw his character flaw manifested, it was zero empathy effect. It came across as a drug addiction more than a psychosis. The paranoia effect was too expatiative and too little demonstrative. I would have liked to have seen more camera effects and less talking to justify what the movie was selling.

I like the “constructed” Morpheus. Awesome actor. Odd but awesome dialog. He just felt like he was reconstructed from someone’s memory, and yet not done to be a clone, but as a preservation of the memory of their personality.

There were some good fight scenes. Morpheus turned out to be the best actor/character for that. However, the movie was so preachy, and attempting to be another mind f**k, the expatiation was all over the place and boring. Does everyone in that world sit and just get stuck in the meaning and evaluation of reality and the view of free will?

By now, based on the trailers, you know that Trinity(Carrie-Anne Moss) is back, and most likely you know that she also went through a mind wipe. Guess what? The acting quality was mostly above par, but came out the best when she was still in the Tiffany character. She felt human.

The best way to see this film is to understand that it is the Sequal to “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog“. (I hope that wasn’t too much of a spoiler). (N.P.H. ROCKED!! Like he normally does.)


I’m still glad I saw it. It feels like the series will follow the Star Trek pattern of every even number episode won’t suck, but for this to be true, you have to count this as episode 1 for a new trilogy.

I suspect that I can damn near put all of the blame for the movie on the director and editor. I suspect that the best parts of the film were left on the cutting room floor.

If Yahya Abduke-Mateen II doesn’t get type-cast into more Morpheus characters, this actor may go far. Groff was just interesting and shined in the office scene where Smith emotionally cornered Neo. I look forward to future work from Jessica Henwick.

Movie theory (Bonus thought):

One of the giant flaws of all of the Matrix movies comes from the question, how are humans used as batteries, when humans suck as power generators. It takes more power to take care of a human than one would get in return. However, we don’t know how long the matrix has been running. So what if the current generation of humans are not like original humans. What if they were genetically manipulated to be a hyper neural energy source? This would work out if one considers the amount of energy that their body would generate when unplugged. We don’t see many heat generators, so maybe the heat from Zion was the number of humans living there. Maybe the reason that the new city was built will such urgency was to gather enough humans together in one place to provide a warm spot. The humans in the Matrix are not Homo-Sapien. They are a machine-guided evolution of humanity.

(Additional Bonus Thought):

I didn’t see Bad Horse anywhere in the movie, but who knows. 😁

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