There are days that Microsoft drives me crazy.

I had a Surface Pro 7. I do mean had.

Let me explain that when I’m over the top upset, I get loud, or I walk away. However, MS tablets and other hardware cause me to pull out my sword and go Office Space on the hardware.

I was reformatting my box using the recovery tools. with nothing hooked up, the device got stuck in a WATCHER_PNP error. The online instructions found at failed.

The failure is that no matter how many times I went through the instructions, I couldn’t get to the recovery screen. It was like every 3rd time I was trying to hit the power button, it ignored me. Before the reformat, that didn’t happen.

I couldn’t even get it to the bios screen to boot off the microSD or the USB drive, neither plugged in while I was trying to follow directions.

Finally, after an hour, I snapped, and so did my tablet. Then I grabbed my sword and made sure that the hard drive, batteries, and screen would never recover.

I don’t get why every other one of my machines are POS right after the warranty. I am now convinced that I have to stop dealing with tablets. Or sealed systems. I think I’m going back to desktops. My last couple of laptops were junk too.

Currently, I still have a Surface Book 2, and it seems to mostly work fine. But I’m concerned about how much longer before this becomes a brick too.

MS. Don’t loop the same boot error infinitely. Stop, and drop me into recovery mode.

Also, reformatting my box via the Win 10 Pro recovery tools should never break the power button. It should ALWAYS work as a power button.

This is almost more painful than my iPhone, where the power button is now anything but a power button. Garbage.

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