I tried using Cortana again…

[Update on the bottom]

MS gave Cortana a major lobotomy. As much as I had spent time on integration with Cortana, in the past, it is like I am dealing with Cortana with dementia. This is a very sad experience.

Even my Siri and Google friends have admitted that this may have been one of the biggest mistakes that MS has done in the future of MS portable computing.

I had thought about using their bot kit, and voice command kit, but why? If I jump to Amazon I can use Alexa and have Amazon sniff my data. Google and let them feed off of my data.

The only real solution is to learn from MS’s Bot and see what I can do to make a private cloud solution. I may retire before I get to that. I have too many other things at hand to do.

UPDATE: Cortana is officially gone. It was rolled into Office, but that is now named Microsoft Viva. RIP Cortana.

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