My take-away from the Lindell Cyber Symposium

The Symposium ended yesterday, but I don’t see the promised links to the source material as promised.

Also, I looked into the hacker Ron, aka Code Monkey Z, and now I am suspicious of the data that he presented. From the independent media groups, Ron and his father are probably Q. Meaning, they are the source of the Q conspiracies.

However, the data science information provided on day 1 is still the most convincing data, and the most credible. Also, the questions raised regarding evidence scrubbing from the storage devices, the machines, and so on, are still not answered by the recent article posted that Lindell didn’t bring hard evidence.

Once I can get my hands on their raw data, I will be happy to evaluate the veracity of their claims.

Some links

Bottom line:

  • Lindell cyber crime hasn’t been disproven, nor proven.
  • All arguments indicting China need to be suspended until we get some evidence.
  • The evidence of manual vote tampering is substancial, possably overwhelming.
  • The evidence of cyber coverup, and violation of federal records for elections is overwhelming
  • We have been promised that he would release an open source project, that is NIST compliant, of election software that would quell these concerns. Until I see that, I am more concerned that Lindell and his 3 top partners have been ripped off by other staff and people like Code Monkey Z.
  • If I had a meeting with him, I would definitely coach him to address these issues by highlighting core evidence that he was able to supply, and get documented claims on how the audience had “hacked” the machines at the Symposium. Leave no shadows of doubt.

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