The evidence of Voter fraud is looking real…

Mr. Lindell, the MyPillow guy, has funded a Cyber Symposium and much of the investigation of voter fraud.

There are three great things to remember here.

  1. The courts are not following a consistant rule book in fighting this fraud. This leave one to ask why?
  2. The traditional media, including Fox News, has gone out of their way to ignore hard evidence, and only propogated the lies of other media and the lies of politicians.
  3. There are Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians who are all supporting the ignoring fraud, and just move forward. Sorry, but once justice has been stabbed, then letting it bleed to death is not moral or just.

So below are my thoughts about current events.

If Biden is kept in office by the courts, his medical condition will drive him out. Kamilla Harris is so disliked that her running for (re-)election against Trump, or any Republican, will most assuredly cost the Dems the office, and most of congress. If the LP finally puts up a solid Mises Caucus candidate, like Dave Smith, then we may get a real race for a third party. Really though, the republicans MUST get rid of all RINOs, or all of this is for nothing. This is why the Governator (Arnold Swartzenager) of California, who was the last RINO in governor’s office, CA has not been able to put up an electable Republican. Stop with the RINOs.

The people may finally have an exception on this new recall ballot with Lary Elder. I’m not hopeful. I believe that voter fraud will prevent anything but another Socialist/Communist back in the office.

What nee to happen are the following.

  1. The Lindell election fraud event must be a blow out success. It must be so successful that media can no longer ignore it.
    1. Today was day 1, and nothing from Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, The Epoch Times, NTD, BBC, OANN
    2. Newsmax reports Dominion sueing them. But no article on the Cyber Symposium.
  2. Fox News must dump their fear of Trump, and regain their conservative core.
    1. However, there are so many credible conservative and Libertarian news and talks shows that Fox News can start to fall away, and we won’t have a void. Newsmax, The Epoch Times, OANN are doing a great job filling in the void that Fox is leaving.
    2. Rational Libertarian sided news: TimCast – A growing news organization. Part of the Problem – Dave Smith’s political discussion show, and the first descent LP Presidential candidate.
    3. Conservative outlets that could still improve: Newsmax, OAN, The Epoch Times. Locals.Com etc.
  3. The people must turn against this continued COVID farce.
    1. Large percentage of those hospitalized, with Delta, were partially or fully vaccinated.
    2. CDC let slip that the tests that they were using were not a good determining factor for COVID.
    3. The difference between China’s Credit Score system, which I know people who are helping chinese nationals escape China, and the new COVID passports is just one step too close. Government should not dictate the private actions of people.
    4. Vulnerable people should take actions that limit their risk. It should not be impressed upon the masses to make that decision. It is this mentality that brought us all of the government bloat in Medicare and Gun Control.
  4. I am still very much against any discussion of a violent uprising against the government, I do understand the frustration. But there are so many better ideas.
    1. The 13th amendment of the US constitution disallows all government personnel from getting involved in, or discussing, a succession of a state from the federal government. However, if the people peacefully pursue this action, all the government has to do is to vote to step aside. If successful, the people will have to decide to keep their current government, or have a state level convention to replace it. Zero need for violence.
  5. This is last, but it needs to be first.
    1. All nations that turn against God, and treat evil as good, and good as evil, fall. This current state of events is what a biblical revival looks like, when the people are in a panic and discover that they have been drinking from broken cistern that hold no water, rather than drinking from the fountain of living waters. Correcting this is what is called a Revival.
    2. The Revolutionary War happened during a revival.
    3. The Civil War happened during a revival.
    4. WW1 & 2 were with a revival that started with WW1, and ended with WW2.
    5. However, These revivals were not followed up with people remembering history. We saw this in Exodus and Leviticus, when the people repented, they did not stick to it, but fell into their old ways, to be punished again.
    6. Why is the Temple in Jerusalem being built for the 3rd time? The first time the people slowly fell away from God, and his protection was removed. They were kicked out of Jerusalem, and the temple destroyed. The 2nd time, the same pattern happened again. Now the Jews are building the 3rd temple, and there is no doubt in my mind, it will be less than a decade from its completion, that it will be destroyed a 3rd time. The Revelation city of Jerusalem that descends from the heavens has not temple, because the whole city will be the temple.
    7. What was the teaching of John the Baptist? “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is coming.” What was the consistent teaching, amongst others, that Jesus taught in His ministry? “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is coming.” So the people need to repent, for the kingdom of heaven is here, and being manifested in our lives. Its fullness of return will be made know by the prophesies of the revelations of His prophets. First the Lord will return to gather that which is his. The world will be cleaned. Then we will see the new age when we are in His presence forever. Why would we not want to repent, and live in the benefit of that life?


  1. Are you allowed to vote in a county if you reside in another county? That question came up from someone who says they saw the ballots from the other county

    1. Your active residence dictates your where you vote from. Meaning, if I have set up my residence in Vanderburgh, but I am in Camillus NY for a trip for some reason, then my vote is still Vanderburgh. Camillus vote would be fraud.

      Many of the illegal votes that were discovered were illegal in just that manor.

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