Tired of false claims of high-profile leftists being executed.

Bill Gates was claimed to have been hanged last month, but this isn’t new. So below I’ll help sort this garbage out, and try to start giving you an idea of who the liars are.

I am classifying these as Confirmed, Lies, Unconfirmed, Exposing.

  • Confirmed – This is a confirmed story. Nearly none of these will be confirmed.
  • Lies – These are stories that are easily dismissable, because the logistics are imposible to pull off.
  • Unconfirmed – Because I don’t have enough information to confirm or deny these
  • Exposing – This is a site that reveals enough information to confirm or call out a lie. So Exposing is always prefixing confirmation or lie.
  • Opinion – Is just the writer’s opinion.

Top reasons that I am attacking this foolishness:

  1. Doubles: Body doubles are too easily exposed. A double never has all of the memories or manerisms of the original. There are allways tells.
  2. Publicity: The fact that these events are being made known in very public manor would make sure that the compatriots of those being “executed” would be tipped off about the doubles, and would take them down, or isolated them.
  3. Top Secret: If this is really a top secret mission, that the Military is executing under the command of Trump, because they claim he is still the real president, then all leaks are treason, and punishable by death.
  4. Common Name: It is a common occurance for people to have matching names. However, these consiracy sites have no problem promoting these conspiracies about innocent 3rd parties to promote their agenda.

Bottom line: I’m going to start blocking people until they make sense, show proof (and not the normal effects of growing older, as I get enough of that every day in the mirror), or stop on this deception garbage.

As for the Recounts, and the soon to hear reveal, I am excited to hear what pillow man has to show. I mean both parties have been playing the voter fraud card for decades. It is time to put up or shut up.

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