Should stomach surgery and cancer treatment be mandatory?

FastStats – Leading Causes of Death (

When I looked at the CDC site, it seems like being Fat is far more dangerous than COVID. So rather than foisting a trial use vaccine onto the public, maybe treating the people’s obesity would solve more deaths across the board.

We know that one of the top Comorbidity of COVID is Type 2 diabetes and other obesity-based risks. So it seems that forcing people to go through surgery to reduce their weight and consumption of diabetic risk foods would be more effective.

What are the health risks of Obesity:

  1. Joint and muscle damage
  2. Cardio damage
  3. Arterio scerosis
  4. Immunity distress, including auto-immunity disorder
    1. This includes death by COVID
    2. This can include type 1 and 2 diabeties as the body is getting damaged from obesity.
  5. and more…

Below are some charts that I hope will provide some clarity for this discussion.

# of deaths by cause

Here is the comorbidities listing. covid19-comorbidity-expanded-12092020-508.pdf (

Most Frequently Listed Comordidities

So, just looking at the top two effects of obesity, Hypertension and Diabetes, which is 19.7% and 16.0%, the question is, if we combine these numbers (35.7%), how much of that would reduce if people were just not FAT.

Fat is not beautiful; it is an unhealthy person. A fat person keeps pushing that fat is normal or beautiful is just the same as an Alchoholic claiming that their alcoholism is normal or beautiful. This is stupid.

Now let me say that I am obese. When you see me, you wonder how I am not tripping the seismic detectors wish every step.

So rather than rounding people up to inject them with experimental drugs, why not round up fat people and force a stomach bypass surgery. It sure would reduce so many other health problems.

FTR: I’m not actually advocating this. I’m posting this to push the discussion that coercion based on single-sourced facts can and will cause awkward solutions. Never have I seen the media or government provide more ancillary information regarding COVID, or its reaction to other issues, except in fleeting comments.

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