Yes, I ended my podcasts.

What happened?

I closed my podbean account, and deleted my podcasts.


  1. A writter writes every day until something is released, then he either stops being a writer, or starts on a new project. The same is true with podcasters. They don’t have to record everyday, but they do have to work on their content for the podcasts. I wasn’t.
  2. A if a content creator cannot prioritize to produce content for a week, then they post their excuse, and start working on the next release date. However, 3 or more excuses in a row means you are not a podcaster. Don’t pretend.
  3. Edit, edit, edit. Rarely is there are Dave Smith type of podcaster that can produce content without huge amounts of editing. I’m not one of those. I have to edit the shit out of my stuff, and even then, if I am not producing new content, I cannot blame editing for not releasing.
  4. Prepare, prepare, prepare. There are even fewer who can just jump online with little to no preparation. Just like me, the odds are, you are not one. If you are not willing to prepare, then you do not have a quality podcast.


  1. There is a reason that Andy’s Little Homestead is successful. It may be low preparation, but it is well thought out (which is preparation) and loads of edits. You can tell by the cuts in the video.
  2. There are reasons why TicTok is successful. They provide much of the preparation, and the clips are so short that the need for edit is diminished. However, the content I prefer to produce requires more time, and more information.
  3. I will not dissapear.
  4. I despise most of these Podcast platforms. Each of them have a major problem that drives me insane. This is why I just delete my account and start over. I hate to admit that I may restart my anker account. I like free.

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