My reply to an attack against Christanity by an atheist

Here is the text from the screen capture:

At least I don’t believe I evolved from a rock. If you believe that everything came from a big bang, and life spontaneously appeared from a collection of random events, then the material for the said event came from rocks that were formed from the big bang.

It’s interesting that people agree that an iPhone is too complex to have evolved in the wild, but yet a cockroach that is infinitely more complex did evolve?

If everything we do is just a chemical reaction, from a natural accumulation of chemical reactions from an evolution of chemical reactions, then attacking theism is folly, because you are just attacking the same chemical reactions that make up your thought process.

Even morality is completely subjective under evolution. There is no reason to support or argue against war and murder because there is no objective base for morality. Murder isn’t even subjective, because it is just a chemical reaction. Theft isn’t even subjective because it is just a chemical reaction.

There is no right or wrong. Even the reason to live is just folly because it is nothing more than a continued reaction to the big bang chemical reactions.

Here is the FB post that I was reacting to.

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  1. Yes! If the first thing in the universe was a quark and a quark is what started the big bang, then God is a quark. However, even that is hard for an atheist to accept. I must be quick to add that not all things were created. Some of them have evolved; such as COVID-19 (not to mention politics). oops! I guess I just mentioned it.

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