Moving back to EVV has been a blessing.

I have been living back in EVV for 2 years after living in SoCal to 30. Besides the biting winter, I am glad that I came back.

However, there is a concern that has happened nationally, which is starting to impact the nature of communication with neighbors. It is the feeling that one is being disrespected if another disagrees with them.

This is EVV, we are a small town, with a very high density of relatives. Let’s not act like how the media promotes disagreements. We are neighbors and can disagree with one another, without acting out on it.

When someone disagrees with me, I bless them and move on. If it is going to be a thorn with them, then I make sure that they know that I still am still their compassionate neighbor and want the best for them. Nothing should be greater than that.

One should have peace in their walls and amongst their neighbors. In that peace and peaceful discussions, all concerns can be resolved.

May you have peace and prosperity for the rest of 2021, and the troubles of other cities passover us, without disrupting our lives.

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