Compassion does not create an opposition between compassion and logic

Hard times have seemed to make a positive change in me. I have been more forgiving, and less reactive to people’s flaws.

On just about every platform I am on, I have that one or two friends who didn’t see what I was trying to convey, and post something that is normally disparaging, or in dry humor. Rather than getting upset, I have been asking for clarity, because most of the time it was just a misunderstanding. 

Sure, I still insult authoritarians and everyone who seeks to get elected, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to forgive them if they turn from their authoritarian ways. (resign from government, or start taking active political action against big brother state).

I would rather that the solution is a top-down dissolution of the state, but I am happy to participate in a bottom-up dissolution of the state, by showing people how to live free from the state.

Violence isn’t the key to success, because that teaches that might makes right, which is the leftist agenda right now with BLM and AntiFa. Every totalitarian state was formed by the state proving that their might is defining right.

Let’s see if the greater reset does the job of reversing the poison of this world. I want to see this world let go of massive governments and shrink all other governing bodies to something that is reachable in no more than a 4-hour walk. Does that mean that I am not an Anarchist? Not really, if you listen to one of my discussions, I believe that the ultimate government is the judgments and rulings of contracts and voluntary interchange. So if a person comes to town and starts robbing people, then my neighbors and I should be able to get together and decide how we want to handle this, in a voluntary way. That could even mean that we decide to handle it individually, but the ability to collaborate is always there.

Let’s say we decide to collaborate, and that collaboration results in the rest of us contributing a sum of money to one of us who has the ability to take into custody and arrange for a trial of the malfeasant, then we pay him a negotiated sum.  That person is now working under the contract of temporary governance of a contract. That is still a form of government. Still voluntary, still maximum liberty. 

Let’s flip this around, and someone claims that you are the malfeasant, then you have the right and ability to communicate with your neighbor, to work to prove that you have been wronged by both the claim of being a malfeasant, and the risk to your life by the contract defender. If I am innocent, then I will find it easier to hire a bodyguard, and representative, to counter the charges brought against me by a plaintive. Even though this is gaining some expense, this is also in the big picture a lot cheaper than having a permanently established government.

That was a serious segue, but I think you see that even under a more compassionate me, you see that compassion does not create an opposition between compassion and logic. Rather, being a more gentle person, I am more likely to provide a logical solution to the emotional challenges of today.

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