Biden’s attack on the 2nd amendment wouldn’t hold muster in a sane environment

We are long past a sane environment. Just about everyone in Biden’s cabinet has had legal challenges and even charges. Now that he wants to restrict your first amendment rights further, this is not for your safety; it is for the government’s ability to rule as an emperor without fear of the people.

The world history is clear when it comes to authoritarian governments.

  • Grow the government.
  • Restrict the rights of the people.
  • Remove their ability to defend themselves.
  • Turn their family and neighbors against them.

There is no question on where the US is heading, and it is with a thunderous round of applause.

Teach yourself and your family Liberty at, then learn Freedom at

Contrary to what they believe, you are not alone. There are several of us who realized that the safety that they sold us is just more bondage.

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