Eugenio Derbez Interviews Dr. Fauci.

Eugenio picks apart key items and factors of Fauci’s claims one at a time.

Key points made:

  • Approval for emergency release is not the same thing as FDA approval
  • Getting compensation from a government for damages from a MFR is not the same as being able to keep the MFR responsible through settlement cases.
  • Fauci’s plan for herd immunity is so completely convoluted that it doesn’t work. He gives a proper definition, but his enforcement pattern and policy fails.
    • Illegal immigrants are automatically excempt from vaccination policy. (No punative punishment for undocumented immigrants.)
  • Unmanaged risk management towards COVID infections vs COVID vaccination.
    • “Risk to self and society” you are not sovereign any more.
    • You may still get infected, even if you are vaccinated.
    • The main purpose of the vaccine from getting clinical illness, may or may not be able to prevent you from communicating the virus.
  • Mask
    • If you are amongst those with vaccinated, at home, then you may take off your mask.
    • This vaccine may not promote herd immunity.
      • You may still be infected, because you are a carrier, but you won’t show symptoms. AKA: Asymptomatic carriers.
  • mRNA
    • This is a new technology, and Fauci claims it is safe. This is challenged since we do not have a long term study.
    • There has been a claim of a 60 day study. Most studies have found reactions from 15 to 45 days.
    • The mRNA is based on the common cold, a more primitive version of COVID, and a single protean is extracted that teaches your immunity system to handle the COVID vaccine.
    • No human fetal tissue is included in the vaccine. It is used to grow the base proteans.
  • Children
    • Not needed, but Fauci claims it should be done.
    • There are no [Federal] manditory requirements for the vaccine in children.
    • There could be a manditory requirement later.
  • Variant infections
    • The Johnson and Johnson injections didn’t protect against the South African variant.
    • The 3rd round injections are being explored to investigate the possibilities of other variants, as needed. Still being investigated.


  • SARS-COVID-2 is COVID-19

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