QAnon’s latest prophesy failed again

Mind you, I normally don’t trust half of what Business Insider states, but this is a good summary article.
Trump’s fake inauguration on March 4 was QAnon’s latest vision that flopped. A new date is now being peddled to perpetuate the mind games. (

Isn’t it time to proverbally stone the false prophet by now? Anyone with some Hebraic text knowledge knows what that is referring to. I’m not promoting violence, but I am stating, just turn your backs on bad prophets and bad prophesies. We’re done. Move on.

Let’s look at why Congress members are treating Trump Supporters as terrorists: Trump Supporters Caught Planning March 4th Attack On U.S. Capitol ( This is why it is time to turn from these false prophets, like QAnon. Trump is not president. Get over it. Trump has no electoral authortiy.

Maybe the media is just complicit enough to help make fantasy into reality. That is what we are seeing. Even with good reporting, enough single sided reporting is just promoting the fear triggers over compassionate and logical discussions. Capitol police: QAnon March 4 theory claims Trump will be president (

I like the short, but sweet summary from Daily KOS. Donald Trump to be Sworn in as President on March 4th. (

In short, measure prophets by the delivery of their prophesies.

  • Trump didn’t get his 2nd term.
  • We are not on the gold standard yet.
  • We still have a middle east situation that the current administration wants to make worst.
  • We are in a financial slave state where the dollar is on the verge of collapse.
  • I am starting to consider many QAnon people to be divorsed from reality, and at risk of committing violence. This puts them in the exact same boat as Antifa as far as I am concerned.

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