Willy’s Wonderland with Nicholas Cage

In the last few years we have been seeing movies a parody overpowered heroes, and now we have a new hero with an entertaining character flaw over the top combat skills, and unfazeable personality.

Let me tell you, this was a fun movie. Lots of trope style murders of the horror genre, but then the protagonist who just wins, and wins in style. This is less of a thriller of who is next type, but a lets flip the table over and terrorize the monsters.

I found this movie both fun and a complete LOL. This movie would not have worked without Cage as the lead character. In the ads you get the gist of the film, and you never hear a voice clip from Cage… there is a reason. Watch the film, get your LOLs, and enjoy the reason that there are no ads with clips of Cage’s dialog.

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