Evictionism is not abortion, but it can be just as bad.

The problem with abortion is “her body her choice” because it ignores the unborn child’s choice. The other argument is the claim that it is just a mass of cells, like a tumor or a parasite. This fails because a tumor does not grow up to be a human child, neither does a parasite. However, if you let an embryo grow up, and be born, it is a human child.

Of course there are exceptions, like children missing critical organs, like brains, a heart, or other critical core organs. Then they are generally still born, or will pass shortly. If a child is not born with any critical issues, then they are not a parasite, or a tumor. They are a child in development. So terminating these children is paramount to killing someone who is sleeping because they are healing from surgery or some medical procedure. Is it moral of abort an adult because they are asleep, or in a medically induced coma?

So what is evictionism? If you are a landlord, and you have a tenant who is in breach of their lease, you get to evict them. Evictionism also works for children in the womb, rather than slaughtering the child, one would surgically extract the child, and relocate it into a new home. As adults we see this when an adult can not take care of themselves, they are moved into a nursing home, or homeless shelter. Some locations they are left out to the street, but then they are expected to manage their own affairs to relocate into a shelter or home.

An unborn child cannot do this. As such, unless the host or the facility that is doing the extraction, takes responsibility to transfer the child to a new host, then the are simply killing the child but with more expense and extra steps. It is always best to measure the actions by their results. The result is, if there is no receiving host, the child is still murdered.

I don’t mind evictionism, but the child must be placed into a new loving host. However, I am a firm believer that people must take responsibility for their actions. This is both for Men and Women. If a couple has casual sex, then be ready to take responsibility for their child, and stop with the completely flawed excuse “my body, my decision”, and “no womb, no voice”. I speak for those cannot, because they haven’t matured enough to defend themselves, so I choose to defend the defenseless.

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