Another discussion of mine from FB.

RC: It doesn’t exist BECAUSE of the coercion of government.

Jedediah Hoppekins: That isn’t true. It’s not even a little bit true. The opportunities available in this country always have and still do trump any other. The American dream is alive and well and people who aren’t weak, whining little b****** are making it a reality for them every single day.

Me: Jedediah, I specifically said most want. Because most want a government that will solve some problem, and it won’t.
This statement is on perspective on the masses, not the liberated or partially liberated.

This is why the word liberty means different things to a Marxist than it does to a libertarian.

Jedediah Hoppekins: Brian, Ok, I was wrong here. I concede your point.

FTR: Jedediah kicked me from friend status because of his view on cannabis is not nearly as liberal as mine. Though I still consider him a good man.

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