A chat with a trusted friend

BH: Nothing I want is free. What can I do that I enjoy that is free? Hunt, fish? Carry weapons? I have to register my car with the state…. my car. I have to pay tax on everything I own. I’m restricted on how I use my property. I’m licensed, restricted and prohibited.

Brian Webb: Exactly. But it isn’t right, nor should you retitle yourself to meet their standards. I call myself a free man, because it is as a bloody thorn in their side that I stand against them.

Though to keep doing what I must to resist and educate others, I have accepted a few licenses as temporary pains. Eventually I will shed those too, either at the grave or at the bloody field of another man’s war.

BH: We’re slaves to the state.

ME: As long as you keep chanting their preferred mantra, you are. Freedom starts in the mind, then the lips, then the body. Stop applying their bondage to your title.

BH: Brian, no…. it infuriates me…. it makes me incensed to know how ignorant I was. You can change your title but it doesn’t change the solid fact that were enslaved right now.

My mantra is death to tyrants. So I don’t get you.

ME: What you repeat is your belief. “We’re slaves to the state.” is your common statement.

My flesh may be enslaved, but my mind is still free. As my mind continues to resist the enslavement, I teach others the same, so that we all may be freed in the flesh also.

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