Why is virtue signaling increasing so much?

I get repentance for the individual, and family, community, even country. But once one has repented, one doesn’t need to take the stripes of the whip. “By His stripes, you have been healed.”

LPIN, virtue signaling by black logo profile. Bald for BLM is the new woman’s virtue signaling.

You want to know what I am doing for atonement for something that I haven’t done. If there is a black businessman, who sells a good or service that I need, and he is sufficiently competitive, I will ask him to do business with me. If there is a black man who asks me a question, and I have an answer, I will answer. If there is a black man, I will treat him as a man, and we may even be friends. Simply put, I really don’t care about your skin color. I care about the quality of your character, and I will judge you by that character.

LPGA had it right, when they didn’t fall into the stupid virtue signaling, but we cannot say the same thing for the LPIN. Promote liberty, and character, not skin color and symbolism.

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