Stupid things that smart people say…

Stupid things that smart people say… “C# programmers cannot expect their skills to keep them well employed”, paraphrased.

I have been hearing this same story since the late 70s early 80s.

Here is the reality, all of your skills are disposable. There is nothing you bring to the table that isn’t replaceable by another person.

C# programmers are still in high demand but with enough hands on the same keyboard, even Jr programmers can produce something of value.

I have worked with Sr Devs of outside companies and still architect and program circles around them. Experienced companies know this.

Here is the hard truth. Most programmers are either code monkeys or shouldn’t even be programmers. Then there are programmers who can write code but have no creative problem-solving. The US, and a few other countries, are fortunate that we produce a lot of problem solvers, even if they are not programmers. However, this number is shrinking and is looking more and more like the US is training other country problem solvers. Also, the ones that are in the US are wasting their talent working for banks and whatnot that use such talents for help the banks play with money, rather than advance the principles of the free market.

Am I saying that good software engineers do not, or cannot exist outside of the US? No. But they are as hard to find as good engineers are in the US.

The vastness is the fullness of one’s skill. Conception, evaluation, inventiveness, problem-solving, communication, completion, and self-evaluation, are all critical to surviving another wave of cheap labor. This is the same in all industries.

Don’t fear it, but take the challenge head-on, while finding how you can add in-demand value and not fall behind in the market.

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