Not enjoying the Mussolini style Fascism

If you haven’t noticed, it looks like Wikileaks is pretty much dead. The latest front page post is from Nov 2019.

I am not enjoying the Mussolini style Fascism that we are living under now. I look forward to an overthrow of this shadow government.

But for that to happen, you, the reader, have to defund and bankrupt the chess pieces of the shadow government. Look at the stores that are “allowed” to stay open, and stop using them. Look at the unapproved activities, and disregard them.

The amount of evidence that we are under an unlawful police state is ridiculous. It is past time to prove that they are not our kings and gods, but just bullies and tyrants.

Do not raise a weapon, but raise reason. Use clear, informed, discussions to disarm your opponent. Address their emotional driven arguments with compassionate logic. Facts are not hateful or loving, but the presentation can be.

Be ready for people to dig in their heels when they believe that you are attacking their character. Don’t push harder, but let them voice their concerns, and be ready to disarm their emotion. Walk them to understanding that this isn’t about them, it is about replacing their fear with strength. Walk in strength, and teach them to do the same.

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