An edited post from Kokesh

From Adam Kokesh, but with 1 change on #4.

The time to fight back is NOW! We are not afraid of the virus or government. We are coming together as a global community to address a global crisis and as local communities to support the most vulnerable. We encourage everyone to persist in living well while staying safe and informed. We support the medical industry as best we can by maintaining the strength of the economy and our communities. From governments all over the world, we demand they:

  1. Remove all legal and regulatory barriers that interfere with a rational response to the #coronavirus including healthcare industry regulations, trade restrictions, curfews and forced lockdowns.
  2. Immediately release all information being kept from the people and commit to complete transparency.
  3. Commit to a policy of no forced vaccinations and respect for the individual right to choose medication without government approval.
  4. Rather than bailouts, give us a tax holiday
  5. Allow people to go to work and determine appropriate safety protocols for themselves.
  6. Maintain or improve, not compromise our current standard of civil liberties.
  7. Release all nonviolent victimless inmates.
  8. End all armed conflict. This is it. No more war. The human family pulls together from now on.
    We will gather online and in person (wearing masks/bandanas and gloves, maintaining six feet of separation if necessary) every day until these demands are met. We will not let physical separation and good hygiene turn into social distancing. We will stand up to fear, stress, and panic, none of which are good for a healthy immune system! We will stand together to say #WeAreNotAfraid!

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