I keep thinking of what did the animals do to be sanctified on the arch to be saved. Both clean and unclean were saved by type. They kept no law, but they did obey what was commanded of them.

Even Peter was ordered to disregard the clean vs unclean status of the gentiles when he went to see the Centurion. Are not the people that Adonai calls his children not greater than the beasts of the earth?

Some vessels are made unto honor, and others are made unto destruction.

Honor are the one he calls his children since he has chosen and adopted him into salvation. Destruction are children, not his, as they are not called or did not heed his calling. The jews were his chosen people, and many did not heed his calling, so he pruned them off the vine, whereas the gentiles did believe as were graphed onto the vine.

The challenge is in the messianic view that the return of Christ only those who hold to the Torah will be gathered, the rest will suffer it out here, but both will rejoice at not being judged. This seems inconsistent with each manner of salvation in the OT. If a Hebrew was saved who was married to an Egyptian, as the Egyptians stayed with the Hebrews, then they could also cross the red sea safely. Noah was saved, but so was his wife, children, and their wives. Even the one who sinned right after the water receded, their holiness didn’t mark the animals’ salvation.

Who will meet the Lord in the air will be the ones who were called.

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