The love of money is just another theology to put another god over Adonai.

I am done with all of this magic, idol worshipping, and strange gods. The love of money is just another theology to put another god over Adonai.

Democracy, as is all human-made governments, just another means to put mobs and men above Adonai.

Communism, socialis., and most other -isms are just putting the state above Adonai.
Adonai said he would supply us by the riches of His glory. He said that we are to cast our cares upon Him. He said we are to work to eat. He created all of creation, so everything is subject to His rules, laws, abundance, and famines.

He called out the Jewish people not to just repent for their sins but their ancestors, their community, their towns, their state, the world. Each generation that became wicked to where Adonai cut them off, he assigned an intercessor. Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jonna, Jesus (Yeshua), and others.

Jesus was the last for all of men. There is no reason to seek a lesser god of men, when you have the oldest, and most powerful, ready for you, now and forever. You don’t need the magics of the state and the tiths of taxes and bribes, when you have tge blood of the lamb.

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