I think enough information has come out that we can safely dismiss the idea that the new 5G cell towers are the source of the Coronavirus. If you disagree, I won’t care.

Does 5G weaken the immunity system? I think by the statistics of the impacted population that it is safer to say that old age, poor eating habits, smoking, and diabetes have a bigger impact; as do other illnesses like cancer, heart conditions, etc.

As I keep looking at other environmental and pathology statistics, I think I will start posting serious commentary about the coronavirus. There is a still too much misinformation propagating. This means that I will be withholding my own written satire regarding Covid-19.

My last comment is, if you are eating fresh produce, please thoroughly wash it in a salt water bath with table salt, kosher salt, or baking soda, to mitigate any risk. I have not heard of produce being a vector for infection, but I would rather you be safe. Of course cooking your produce to 200F will kill the virus any ways, so you are good regardless.

Lastly, Zinc and Vitamin C are well known immunity boosters, but so is vitamin D. And now that you are stuck inside, you may want to take 1000 or 2000 AU of vitamin D daily.

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