I have become..

I have become one of the characters in my greatest tales. It wasn’t that I have been written into my pages, but I have become both a primary and secondary character in this tale.

When I was an observer and writer of this tail, I wrote the characters into my story as needed. I would set down by book and move on with my life. I had a real life, but then things started to blend.

It started with shadows the would fleet to the left. Then it was nightmares that became interactive extra-world experience of the kind that Lovecraft would be envious of.

The days came when strange people would appear into my world, with strange expressions, and following strange laws. They would sacrifice their children, consume spiritual poisons, and walk like zombies staring in their little color changing glass tablets.

I would see politeness replaced with indignity, while they still claim to be polite. I would see the little things make good neighbors into vile enemies. What monsters have these people let into their hearts?

They have voted for demons and claimed that they are saving the world. They worship the authority of the state and get mad when their mad messiah is not their king. The claim that they want change, but do nothing to cause change because the simple things to cause change would require them to put their public reputation on the line, but if they became violent and attacked the physical property and lives of others, then they would gain allies that are just waiting to pounce on them and devour them.

The worst are the whispers of hate and devouring. Not just gluttony, but destruction, the consumption of life and property to death and ruin. Those things that they cannot devour they plaque and rot away.

I mostly didn’t listen, so the voices changed tactics to turn me into a meat puppet. I would harm myself, and when they through I would completely comply, they would try to take completely over. It would look like a Parkinson’s episode or a Turrets moment, neither of which I have. However, I know when someone is trying to turn me into a meat puppet.

I have gotten caught up in this fantasy world in that when I saw the layers of deception pealed back, I saw that I had two mouths, and dragged a second body behind me. My first mouth is that of the loving man who seeks to bring people to repentance, that they may lay their sins down and stop carrying that baggage. The body that I was dragging was a liar that was bloated with sin and disease. It spat out curses and condemnations to prevent me from dropping it, and letting it disappear into the nothingness that it wants me to travel into. It moved me into all sorts of ungodly indulges, of which I was able to prevent myself from performing the illegal ones, by not being a meat puppet.

When I saw that dead thing hanging onto me, and me carrying it, I then started to see that everyone does the same. How vile we have become when we cannot walk in peace with our neighbor. How monstrous we are to sacrifice our children, not yet born, just born, and of fighting age, that we may feed our murderous demons for reasons of insane worship of twin insane gods called government and society. One promises false security and the other false luxuries.

Now I hope you see what I see, so that you can figure out what I have not figured out. That is, how to get out of this cursed story, before you are lost in its pages of damnation.

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