Criminals should not define morality.

In a land of pedophiles, anti-liberty government thugs, and totalitarian plutocrats, those that are willing to defy them, and stand for morality are the new criminals.

All of the sheep of violent leaders are the victims, they just don’t realize it, because of the same reason that abuse children generally become abusers themselves.

You can try to call them all monsters, and victimizers, but I suspect that those who do not favor maximum freedom are the ones that were hurt in their youth, in through their pain, only know to hurt others. Or they only see compassion, but don’t think of their unintended consequences, and push through the sheep herder’s will before they are fleeced and butchered.

Look at it this way, how many people marching in BLM have read the socialist manifesto list of the BLM? How many people of the Antifa understand that they are repeating the actions of the fascists? How many of the counter groups, including the new white supremacy groups are nothing more than people herding together out of fear, and media brainwashing?

Did you know that one of the biggest champions of dissolving the KKK influence of the 70s and 80s was a black man, who did something odd by just talking to the members, and convinced them that their ideas were wrong, and the black people they hated were just human?

How many more people can we convince by being answerable to questions, and engaging in non-aggressive communication that has them answer the source of their beliefs?

I like the “Prove me wrong:” challenge, but it, unfortunately, causes a lot of emotional defense. Can we lower that defense by just plain old discussion? Engage them at where they are, and explore their stance further, so that they can see their unintended consequences. But then, ask your self, in that same manner, to discover your unintended consequences.

This is a tool for restoring healthy empathy and sympathy of a broken person, who is lashing out in pain.

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