There is a reason that Christians are pro-cis.

I don’t think that the obvious reason that the Judeo-Christian scriptures are so clear about pro-cis gendered (Yes, I used a heteronormative term because of the audience I am reaching out to.) One of the first orders God gave to man was to replenish the earth.

That means that there is a particular human interaction that is needed for that to happen.
Even now, with the current population, a space about the size of TX is big enough to house everyone in the world, and give them all a 2 story house for 5 residents, and still have a yard and streets.
That is exactly why the scriptures are written for that manor.

Also note, if all of Creation is a product of the Creator, then the Creator gets to call what is natural, and unnatural. Humans imitating animals is not natural. Humans using animal analogs to create machines is natural. So because dogs do it, is not a valid excuse of why humans should do it.
God placed humans above all other animals, not amongst them.

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