Stupid traditions that have snuck into the US culture.

  1. Clinking glasses. This may not have originated in the US, but it has become one of the stupidest traditions. It has almost become a coercive requirement when celebrating with friends.
  2. Combining holding the door for others with other people first. If the door swings in the opposite side that you are standing on, walk through the door, and hold it from the other side. Having your arm thrusted through the threshold, just so you can hold the door, is stupid and means that you are now occupying the space that the other person is trying to go through. This is also true when the hinges are on the other side of the doorframe because the person you are holding the door for has to either duck under or hurdle over your arm. The proper stance is when you are holding the door open, no part of you, or anything you are holding, is crossing the door frame or the threshold.
  3. Having the birthday person cut and serve their own cake. Just give them the largest slice, and move on. Having them cut their own and everyone else’s slices removes from them the time to socialize with other people, and sit back and celebrate surviving another year. Don’t ask them to make the cut into the cake.
    Do you have any stupid traditions to contribute to this list?

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