I am still not pro or against 5G.

I am still not pro or against 5G. I have spent too much of my life working around transmitters, and even building a few.
Here are some good rules for dealing with 5G and 6G.

  1. the higher the frequency the shorter the range. So just don’t stand right next to a transmitter. If you are getting a proximity headache move farther away.
  2. Rule 1 also applies to your home network. My router is 10 Ft from any person most of the time.
  3. Feel free to make a decompression room, or find a hat, that blocks RF signals, including your cellphone. This may or may not be bunk science, but the fact that you have a decompression space and a use pattern is good for you, especially if that is also your yoga, meditation, prayers space. Take care of your mind. Mine is my reading space.
  4. Don’t freak out. You can be cautious, and maybe move to where you feel more comfortable, but don’t freak out. Freaking out only generates more useless stress.
    Now go and be awesome.

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