Contrary to what the media says, most decisions are not binary..

How to get free stuff: (Not every option is legal, moral, or profitable.)

  1. Find someone who will just give it to you.
  2. Find someone and force them to give it to you.
  3. Fine someone, take their stuff and trade it for what you want.
  4. Find it in an unclaimed area.
  5. Find it in a claimed area, and decide that you will ignore their claim.
  6. Make it your self without stealing it.
  7. Ignore free, and trade your labor for stuff.
    How this applies to housing:
  8. Find someone who makes homes to give away.
  9. Steal a home, and move in, against the will of the person who made and paid for it.
  10. Rob someone for cash and go buy a home.
  11. Find an abandoned home, and file a claim for it.
  12. Find an unoccupied home that is not abandoned, then break-in then move in.
  13. Go find unclaimed land, and build a home there.
  14. Ignore free, and trade your labor for housing, or money for housing.
    How this applies to food.
  15. Find a food bank, or shelter, and get food.
  16. Break into a store and steal it.
  17. Rob someone, then go buy food.
  18. Go to a public park (Some public parks have fruit-bearing trees), a community park (Some community parks purposely grow food for those in need), unclaimed land, and harvest what you can.
  19. Go into a store, a farm, a home, and raid their reserves.
  20. Go to unclaimed land, and start a farm.
  21. Ignore free, and trade your labor for food, or money for food.
    I’ll stop here. The bottom line, lack of creativity, and initiative hides the moral way to get what one needs.

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