Avoiding the promotion of racism and fear by the media

I really despise racism, however, the image that the media is portraying is creating the new generation of racist, out of fear for their lives and hatred for their fellow man.
I am seeing this fear being used to promote violence.

Here are my top recommendations:

STOP BEING AFRAID: Fear is stupid and doesn’t apply wisdom. When you get fearful, ask yourself some rational thinking questions. What are the prospects that this will actually affect me? Am I properly prepared to take care of myself, my family, my friends, my neighbors, if what I fear comes true? What do my rational family, friends, and neighbors think about this issue? What can I do to promote a rational response? Since the media profits from promoting fear, can I profit from promoting a rational response?

DON’T LET YOUR ANGER BECOME RAGE: Anger is a natural response to seeing an injustice. Rage is an irrational response to that anger. Rage eats at your soul, as you are now creating injustice. You can use anger and the adrenaline that it produces to start your motion to undo injustice or provide justice. Rage is also a response to fear reaching the fight climax over the flight option. If you have hit fight over flight, try to take the time to look at your logical options. What can you do that is productive, and turn that energy into that.

Most importantly, if the news cannot sell you on their anger, outrage, fear, etc, then they are most likely not going to be in business much longer. They need viewers to show commercials so that they can turn enough profit to stay in business.

Lastly, STAY PREPARED: Get out of debt. Build up your emergency kit. Make sure you have a first aid kit up to date. Make sure you have a few weeks of supplies that don’t need electricity or fire to preserve or prepare. Always build your practical knowledge skills, minor carpentry, automotive, computer operation, hobby electronics, home health, and skincare, etc.

Take care

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