Life, a boat perspective on time.

There are two fates one may choose from. The one that says that you are in full control, and all is yours as you stand, and one that claims that you may hold the keel and determine that nature of that currents you flow in.

One is a lie and a trap, the other recognizes that the end for all in the flesh is the same.When one accepts that time is a stream and that they do not have the paddles to back upstream with, then they learn to either let the boat go wild and since, or control the rudder and pick the eddies and currents to travel through.

Those that ignore this still travel down the same stream, but they make a big show of their travels until they exhaust, and flounder to find one to finish their imaginary journey for them.

I have realized that the children of the wise must learn to steer their own boat early, and thoughtfully, that they do not exhaust themselves before they are done. They too will launch other boats that have their children to also travel the stream.

At the set time, at the right age, the end of the stream will be found, and the ocean teeming with life will be there. The goal is to not be washed down broken and stuck ashore, rotting, but follow the apostle that lights the path, to enjoy the travel to the end.

Yes, I mixed the visions of 2 mythologies with 1 Christian religion. I have tried to be careful to stay true to the meaning I wanted to convey, without creating a false theology or psalm. The only reason for the mythos was the metaphor value, similar to Paul’s visit to Ephesus and the temple to the unknown God.

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