The first fallen: Chapter 2, The new tools

“I have decided that we need a new devil. One made of the clothing of men’s flesh, and the beasts of this world,” said HaSatan.

Turning from his table, HaSatan walks by several stone pedestals with glass cylinders that contain various things. The cylinders include a dark greenish translucent fluid with bits of different animal and human parts, with carved stones and metal pieces.

One of the cylinder’s contents were fusing together, actively. It must have been one of the early tanks. As it was combining, it was clearly a convergence of avian parts, with retracting metal bits. In its completed form, it resembled a thick and heavy metal collar but living in that. The metal never looked like it was completely stationary.

The second cylinder started, and the parts looked insectoid. The third looked amphibian. The fourth was reptilian.

This process repeated again and again until each cylinder had fully assembled collars, except the last one. The last cylinder was a stone glove, in which it had no biological or mechanical components that could be discerned.

“There, it is done. With these icons, we can create a new generation of false god’s before men’s eyes. They will bewilder the weak-minded and turn them from the one real God to their own devices. They will war over each other for wealth, food, land, and women,” said HaSatan.

Continuing, he decried, “and in their chaos, and loss of heart, I will be their god, and they will be my slaves. A perpetual property unto destruction.”

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